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Setting up a WordPress Multisite


I need some assistance to setup a WordPress Multisite with the  PremiumPress  –  JOB BOARD THEME.



Using PremiumPress Job Board Theme. Looking for a WordPress Developer who can setup a WordPress Multisite and do small ajustments and to modify all functions based on different premiumpress themes with exactly the same MySQL structure. All communication will be in WhatsApp +47 920 54 900 [Mobile No for Norway] and detailed information is available on my website https://rudolfsen.com/wordpress-multisite // Regards Olaf Rudolfsen


Main-Domain.COM  [only a illustration name]  is for the main Website. All Information for MySQL database and mediafiles are stored in this domain.

These domains show the same information that is visible and stored in the Main Domain. If a user register or upload information like an image, this will be stored on the Main Domain. Any change in text or images will also effect all other external domains. 


I have already set up this domain, installed WordPress with all needed plugins and the chosen WordPress Theme to us. We have all access to the CPanel and as a host domain reseller also full access to the host VHM Host Panel for all and whatever needed domain.


I have many domains that we can use both for testing and for real use. I will setup this when we are ready to startup and try out this project. Together we will manage this.


PremiumPress is a WordPress Theme / Plugin. They have different themes and my plans is tou use “a little from this and a little from that”. All templates hav the same machinery but some different purpose.

New register user

The most important issuse is to seperate different users. If you have a website that is helping Au Pair’s to find a Host Family you need to seperate the user HOST FAMILY and the user AU PAIR to effective seperate for searching and matching. On a Job Board Website the same will be reality. Seperate EMPLOYER ans EMPLOYEE.







All PremiumPress Have difefrent purpose but the same database and machinery. Our website is an offer to Au Pair’s, Housekeepers, Personal Assistants to find work from both companies and private host families. Also normal work based on postings and profiles from companies as an employer. Agencies can also offer work for clients and invite both employers and empoyees to partnership.

About Me

I am Web Developer and a Designer by myself. My reason to ask for assistance is more a time schedule issue.

My name is Olaf Rudolfsen, I am Norwegian and I have been working 40 years as an international Film Director & Phototgrapher. Totally more than 1.500 films already made, included TV documentaries and TV commercial projects. Mostly for CNN, BBC and ofcourse all Norwegian TV Channels. I also have been working as a Web Designer and a Web Developer since Netscape Navigator presented their HTML based browser and source codes for public use in 1993. I am running some family companies and we are also an internet reseller of international and national domain name such as [ .com – .no – and mostly all national domain names ] We also have our own webserver and do offer web hotel to all our customers.

Agreement - Terms of Delivery & Payment

We need  to be clear about all this. I will not accept a situation with alot of bargaining back and forth.

Please read everything that I tried to explain on this website here before we chat or talk more on WhatsApp. Then please give me a PACKAGE  PRICE on this job. I will not accept a “paid per hours” deal. I will also urge you to be clear about if you understand me about all details and what is my plan with this project. 

So again to repeat my self, – Please give me your trustable and your best possible – Package Price Offer –  and your Terms of Delivery & Payment.

Have a Great Day Ahead  //  Best Regards Olaf Rudolfsen and my WhatsApp number is for Norway  [ +47 920 54 900 ]

Below here only general Information

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